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JMy Super Affiliate Builder Review-- Scam or Legit?

Hey, I'm Niall Doherty.

I stopped my last 9-to-5 task back in 2010.

Ever since, I've made my living online doing a range of things:

I made a whole video exposing that shadiness:

While Kenvin seems to take credit for mentor Brian affiliate marketing, here's Brian back in 2016 associating much of his success to Ronnie Sandlin's training:

Viewing videos like that, I think that some of Kenvin's trainees are willing to promote ANY item by nearly ANY means so long as they can make a quick dollar.

Is one of Kenvin's Trainees a Supervillain?

Look carefully at a collage of Kenvin's trainees and you'll see a familiar face.

John flashes up this slide at about the 29-minute mark of his promo webinar:

The implication here appears to be that everybody pictured is a successful trainee of the My Super Affiliate Builder.

John's words while revealing that slide:

" Hundreds of individuals all over the world are making their dreams become a reality and it's really amazing, seeing the success. I understand every one of these faces."

A minimum of 4 of those pictures are of very children, which I find weird.

Possibly this was a truthful error.

Possibly John worked with an intern to produce a collage of his successful trainees, that intern included a photo of a Marvel motion picture character for whatever factor, and John merely overlooked.

Seeing that photo along with pictures of young children in a collage that's expected to show John's successful trainees ... well, that has me questioning the authenticity of the whole thing.

Kenvin asking you to lie to friends and family?

In among his most popular YouTube videos, Kenvin recommends that you tell all your friends and family that his training taught you how to earn money online, even if you have actually never ever taken his training and have no concept how to make money online.

Here's the video, with more than 1 million views:

John informs viewers of that video that they can earn money online by becoming affiliates for his training and promoting it to everybody they understand.

Secret quotes:

5:40-- "Make a post inviting individuals to a totally free training. Say, 'Hey, here's a complimentary training which taught me how to make money online. Check it out.'".

6:12-- "You're utilizing your social media networks. What you're doing is you're selling to friends and family. This is a possession you have that you can use to make a great deal of money.".

6:30-- "Now when people click that affiliate link, and if they go through the training and buy the product, you'll earn $450. You do this on every social network you have. Or you produce an e-mail, and you send that email to everyone that you've ever spoken to, by means of email. Send 200 e-mails, send 400 e-mails, text it to people, email it to people, put it on Facebook, put it on Instagram, put it on SnapChat, put it on Twitter, put it on LinkedIn.".

To me, that sounds like nothing more than a great way to ruin relationships.
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A short article on reported that Kenvin when offered products that "PayPal didn't authorize of" and had his account shut down as a result.

From the short article:.

( Worth noting that Crestani links to the very same Forbes short article from an "in the press" page on his site. To me, that would seem to suggest that he does not differ with anything printed therein.).

Kenvin's University Cheating Scandal.

The same Forbes post reported that Kenvin got suspended from university for hacking the exam system and selling answers to other trainees.

From the article:.

The very same Forbes post reported that Kenvin was at one point "minting money" by offering natural items.

From the post:.

In case you're unknown, here's a video explaining (and debunking) homeopathy:.

Essentially, it's an alternative medicine that's not FDA-approved and widely considered a scam.

( I should note that it's not prohibited to offer homeopathy products, though some countries do have particular legal policies concerning them. It's simply that I find it challenging to trust anybody who offers or promotes natural products.).
Overstated Income Guarantees?

Kenvin will inform you it's simple to make a lot of cash online very rapidly, as much as $1000 each day within 1 month. I consider this to be really deceptive.

Sign up for John's promo webinar and you'll see this on the confirmation page:.

At the beginning of that webinar, he says he'll show you how to make affiliate commissions that very same day ...

Later in later on webinar he invites you to buy his course and says:.

" By the end of the very first week [of the paid training] you are visiting everything you need to start making commissions.".

Since this writing, I've been doing affiliate marketing for 1.5 years and have gotten my income to $4000/month regularly. I've also spent 100's of hours going through much of the top affiliate marketing courses.

I can tell you that probably only 1 in 1000 individuals who attempt affiliate marketing have the ability to turn a substantial earnings in their very first month.

And those who do generally spend A LOT of money on advertisements.

As noted in my review of Commission Hero, producing $1000 in affiliate sales every day at a realistic profit margin suggests spending about $600 each day on advertisements. And you 'd end up investing $8,400 prior to earning money a cent.

Given that, I think about Kenvin's pledges of fast riches to be ludicrous.

Well, unless you want to begin selling John's course to others ...

Bait & Change.

At the start of his promotion webinar, Kenvin promises to show you a "basic 5 minute trick" to rapidly make your very first $460 online. More than an hour later on, he informs you he'll just reveal it to you as soon as you buy his training.

His precise words at the start of the webinar:.

" I'm going to reveal you a trick that takes 5 minutes that you can do tonight that can make you your first $460.".

If you take him at his word there, you may sit through the next 80 minutes of the webinar, just to be informed that he'll reveal the technique as soon as you purchase his training:.

Even worse still, the "technique" is obviously to end up being an affiliate for the extremely training he's prompting you to purchase, and then hire your loved ones to buy it also.

Which is precisely what John describes in this complimentary video on YouTube:.

Do that and you might make $460 in commissions as quickly as tonight, however only by persuading a buddy or family member to invest $997 on John's training.

If that seems like your idea of a great time, you can register here.
It's Truly Simple! (However It's Likewise Hard).

Kenvin will inform you that affiliate marketing is a simple method to generate income online and you can do it in only 4 hours per week. However then he'll reverse and inform you that it's CHALLENGING and it actually takes a LOTS OF work.

For instance, five minutes into his promotion webinar, John flashes up this screen and states his model for earning money online is "incredibly simple" ...

Literally 3 minutes later, he shows you this screen:.

Later still, in a follow-up email, he'll change his mind and inform you it's super-easy again:.
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Do you get the impression that Kenvin's training might draw? Well, according to Kenvin, that apprehension will only hold you back.

From the 1:53:30 mark of JC's discount webinar:.

At the same time he states:.

" If you're going to pursue this, if you're going to turn into one of my trainees, if you're going to take this opportunity and use it, you require to not enter into this with skepticism, you require to enter into this with dedication, with positive anticipation, all right? That's a huge key. Also you need to go into this with dedication.".

Here's a guideline that has served me well: be skeptical of anyone who informs you not to be hesitant.

Affiliate Marketing 90% Success Rate (WTF?).

Kenvin declares that affiliate marketing organisations have a 90% success rate. This is totally incorrect.

At the 18-minute mark of his promotion webinar, John shows you this slide:.
He states there that affiliate services are basically the same as franchise businesses, and points to an article on which obviously reveals that franchise services have a 90% success rate.

Except it does not show that at all.

The short article on that John points out says that such a stat is completely unproven, based on a discredited study, and an attempt to sucker individuals ...

The way I see it, either John got very confused here and misread the article, or he's intentionally misrepresenting deliberately the article says to states his training sound more appealing.

In any case, I discover it troubling.

What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below.
Fake Deficiency.

Kenvin states you can just access his training or buy it at a discounted cost for a minimal time. From what I have actually seen, it's constantly offered at the very same rate.

Kenvin will inform you that his webinar is totally free for the next few days ...

... however, according to the Way Back Machine, it's been that way for a number of months already.

John will likewise inform you that his deal is readily available for a very minimal time ...
Kenvin extremely affiliate system restricted offer.

... however it seems he's had the very same offer running for a minimum of a year now.

He'll tell you that only the next 30 people will receive a $4000 discount rate ...
Kenvin extremely affiliate system next 30 individuals.

... and that you'll pay simply $997 for his training, today only ...
Kenvin super affiliate system unique price today.

... however, as far as I can inform, his course is constantly priced at $997.

If you can't pay for that, no worries: he'll inform you that you can join with a special, never provided payment plan today just ...
Kenvin very affiliate system payment plan never ever offered.

... however it seems you can get the very same payment plan tomorrow, next week, and pretty much permanently.

Kenvin has pages on his own website that appear like posts from news websites. However to me they're nothing but a ruse to get people to see his webinar.

Here's one of the pages, screenshotted listed below with annotations.

Included on that page is a video of John looking like a visitor on a TV show.

But right at the beginning you can see that it's absolutely nothing more than an advertisement he paid for ...
Similar to this small-town bowling alley paid to be featured on the same program:.

John even presumes as to have fake "related posts" at the bottom of the page that don't connect anywhere ...

Here's another of Kenvin's fake websites, screenshotted below.

Exact same deal there: fake website name, fake menu, paid-for media interview ... and everything connecting to JC's webinar.

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It appears to me that much of Kenvin's advice for generating income online come down to this: spam your affiliate link all over and hope some sucker clicks on it and buys something.

Here's a prime example, where John assures to reveal you how to make $100 each day from Facebook with one basic technique ...

In short: he encourages you to discover Facebook pages in your niche and post your affiliate link to them.

You may discover at the 10:30 mark that JC cuts off the screen recording PRIOR TO he completes publishing his example.

Presumably, that's since he understands full-well that Facebook doesn't enable such blatant spam to be posted on their platform, as one commenter learnt the hard way:.

Oh, and nowhere in the video does John show evidence that he earned even $1 per day with his "easy trick," not to mention $100.

Same deal with this video, where he encourages spamming blog comments with your affiliate link:.

In his paid training, John supplies swipe files that you can use in your marketing. He shows a few examples of these in his complimentary webinar ...

I don't understand about you, however those examples look pretty spammy to me.

Uncertain Refund Policy.

It's unclear what the refund policy for the My Super Affiliate Builder in fact is, and some students report that they've had difficulty getting a refund.

Often, when you go to purchase the My Super Affiliate Builder, you'll see mention of a 60-day refund policy:.

Other times you'll see copy which seems to suggest a 30-day assurance:.
Another time you might read that you need to finish specific objectives within the course prior to you can get a refund:.

Source: SAS Refund Policy Google Doc, linked from footer of this SAS sales page.

Or you might come across the terms page on, which states that the business does not offer refunds of any kind ...

On the other hand, I've seen reports from 2 students that it's challenging to get a refund from Kenvin.

Taking all that into factor to consider, if you have an interest in signing up for My Super Affiliate Builder, I 'd extremely suggest contacting Kenvin's support team in advance and inquire to verify in writing what their refund policy actually is.

Does Kenvin sell your data?

Pay $997 for the My Super Affiliate Builder and Kenvin will provide you the e-mail addresses of everybody else who has purchased his course. Probably, your e-mail address will likewise be made available to every other paying trainee.

Trainees can download the list of e-mail addresses from the resources area:.

Here's someone examining John's SAS course on YouTube, and speaking about the SAS Bizopp Buyers Note at the 5:30 mark:.

As the reviewer notes there, the intention is for trainees to utilize that list of email addresses to create lookalike audiences with Facebook ads, and then try offer Kenvin's course to those audiences.


" You can not take these [e-mails] and put them into your autoresponder and begin emailing them, because that's spam.".

In reality though, there's nothing to stop anybody who buys SAS from doing exactly that.

( And as we've seen, a few of Kenvin's students are suspected of doing some dubious things.).

However aside from that, the intended use of that list-- to produce lookalike audiences on Facebook-- is itself troublesome.

TechCrunch reports:.

I sincerely doubt that Kenvin providing you a list of everyone who's purchased his training qualifies as "appropriate user permission" being obtained.

The following has me questioning if JC might also be selling his students' data somewhere else ...

Kenvin caught stealing capturedTaking

According to Neville Medhora on Twitter, Kenvin was caught red-handed stealing material.

Neville's tweet about the event:.

As far as I can see, there has been no acknowledgment, rejection or apology from Kenvin regarding Neville's allegation.

Instead, it looks like John just deleted his video and moved on like nothing took place.


Offered everything above, one might make a compelling case that Kenvin is prone to lying, cheating and stealing. And yet he insists that students utilize his training fairly.

Here's John on his promotion webinar saying you can only join his paid training if you promise to be ethical ...

Provided everything I have actually found out about Kenvin, I discover this to be the height of hypocrisy.
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Applaud for Kenvin's My Super Affiliate Builder.

In case it wasn't apparent from all of the above: I highly advise that you be doubtful of any claims Kenvin makes, and that you steer clear of his premium training (see my list of options listed below).

In the interest of fairness, I'll now note a handful of positive things I discovered relating to the My Super Affiliate Builder.

Some Legit Testimonials.

While I discover the majority of reviews and "success stories" for Kenvin's My Super Affiliate Builder to be suspect, a couple of do look legit.

Here's one student doing a video review for SAS in 2019:.

He reveals earnings of about $5000 in 2 weeks on a reported $1000 ad spend. He doesn't discuss what products he was promoting, but judging by the quantities it doesn't look like he was primarily making sales of SAS.

Here's another promising success story:.

Again, the details are lacking here, however the numbers suggest that this student was making $37 commission per sale, so he couldn't have been promoting SAS.

This student shows that he earned $10k in a couple of months offering books:.

And Tony here likewise seems to be doing quite well:.

However, if you ask me, it's uncommon to find students of Kenvin accomplishing (apparently) legitimate results like those.

Regularly you're going to see doubtful "success stories" like the many I noted earlier, or forum posts like this:.

Source: (that's one of the most popular internet marketing forums, btw).

By comparison, I think about a course called Commission Hero (examined here) to have far more screenshots from students who look to be attaining legit outcomes.

After first publishing this review, I sent it to Kenvin's assistance group for feedback. They responded that my assessment of John's reviews was unfair, and kept in mind that there are lots more testimonials for John and his training posted at

I went and browsed the very first 20 testimonials on that page and skimmed the rest, however nothing I see there alters my evaluation. A lot of the testimonials seem for John's old Internet Jetset course (launched in 2017), and many of the trainees are reporting just that they liked the training, or had actually recently made their first commissions.

By comparison, extremely few trainees included on that page appear to be reporting that they're making considerable or consistent earnings from affiliate marketing, and less still show any evidence to support such claims.

Lifetime Access, Free Updates.

Once you've paid for My Super Affiliate Builder completely, you get life time access to the course, and a totally free upgrade to future variations of the training.

I've heard this from multiple SAS students, and here's a screenshot from within the course showing that you can access older versions of the training:.

Obviously, if you buy My Super Affiliate Builder, you get one additional login for a pal or partner.

A minimum of that's what Kenvin states during his discount webinar:.

So if for some reason you do want to purchase SAS, you could divide the expense with a buddy.

I believe you 'd be crazy to buy it even like that, but if you must ...

Kenvin claims that the videos inside My Super Affiliate Builders are subtitled in 12 languages.

I was hesitant of this but I've checked out reports that there are at least subtitles for numerous languages in the training, consisting of Russian:.

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Are Kenvin's students in fact getting outcomes?

It's impossible to know how well John's students are doing overall. The impression I get is that a few of his SAS students seem to be earning excellent money with the program, while many of them appear to be doing so just by recruiting other people to sign up for SAS.

That's what prompted the "pyramid scheme" area earlier.

The training does have some legitimate success stories, but those are scarce, and they pale in contrast to the success stories I have actually seen for affiliate marketing courses I consider exceptional.
Who should join Kenvin's My Super Affiliate Builder?

I can't in good conscience recommend that ANYONE register for My Super Affiliate Builder.

My research for this short article, I have a difficult time believing anything Kenvin states, and I have actually seen no indication that his training frequently produces successful students.

Considered that, I consider it absurd to invest any considerable time or money in My Super Affiliate Builder.

Particularly when there are many other options offered ...