Is VidViper Work or Not

VidViper is a Tragedy

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What is it?

VidViper is a forty web page e-book that covers various methods to attempt to make money doing arbitrage deals making use of Fiverr as a vendor essentially. Primarily you discover the items on Fiverr and also resell them on other sites like as well as Etsy.

Short Review.

This guide is all over the place. It's more like a concept checklist that outlines a dozen, or two, suggestions without providing any kind of genuine approach or guidance on how to utilize them. It seems like Dan got a little thrilled as well as swiftly took down some concepts as well as returned later on to fill in a couple of web pages with fluff as well as over-hyped web content.

Prior to You Acquire.

I didn't recognize it when I purchased the product, yet VidViper was produced by Dan Ashendorf, the very same person that brought us, VidViper. (I possibly might've figured that out by the hot originality of both titles).

VidViper was awful. It obtained an evaluation of 10 out of 100, which is much better than VidViper but that's not saying a lot.

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Things is, both products are primarily the very same. The only genuine distinction is that VidViper talked about using Craigslist (as well as to offer items you locate on Fiverr, whereas this product speaks about Etsy as well as There are a few other differences however they are really subtle.

What I Liked.

It's regrettable, however I couldn't locate one single point I suched as about this product. I always look for something great in every one I examine, but sometimes it simply doesn't occur.

What I Really did not Like.

Besides specifying that VidViper is worthless, I believed I ought to give you a couple reasons. The battle however, is that items similar to this one lack substance, and also when there's nothing there, there's nothing to examine.

Marketing Products on Fiverr.

Although a lot of it is committed to buying from Fiverr and also selling somewhere else, there is one part of this guide that speaks about doing the reverse.

Regarding Halfway with, Dan determines that you can likewise sell things on Fiverr. As opposed to buying from Fiverr and also selling on eBay, Dan says you should try buying products on Etsy and marketing them on Fiverr.

The issue is, Fiverr is a website that concentrates on selling electronic goods as well as services, not physical products. Trying to also find physical goods there is beside difficult. You can do it, however keep in mind that individuals are expecting to pay simply $5 for things.

Just to show my point I went to Fiverr as well as looked for a couple of physical items. The very first two searches I attempted restored only digital services, and I used search terms like, "boots" as well as "hats".

Both searches pulled up jobs from sellers offering a design of shows called "bootstrapping" and website optimization called "white hat SEO".

Certainly, Fiverr is attempting to tell me something. They absolutely would not provide results that weren't making them cash. Nonetheless, I still had not been pleased. Nevertheless, I stated searching for physical products was "next to impossible", not absolutely impossible.

So I dug in a little more challenging as well as this is what I located ...

Currently Fiverr does disappoint the variety of orders a vendor has actually gotten, but those red lines reveal the number of evaluations they have. You can do some rough mathematics and concern the conclusion selling physical products here is pointless.

It's Just Concept.

The idea of getting something from Fiverr and also selling it elsewhere is not new. Individuals have actually been attempting to do this considering that Fiverr released in 2010. As well as why wouldn't they? If you've got an economical supply of something that you assume you can cost a revenue, it just makes sense to do it.

However, the regulations of supply and demand still apply.


What Dan teaches in his overview can be done, it's just not the atm he declares it is.

In reality, the sort of cash you can make from arbitrage deals like the ones Dan defines, is more like hobby-money. Much like above, all you have to do is a little study to see that Dan's techniques don't fairly turn out in the real life. Let me share an additional instance.

This photo was taken straight from the web pages of VidViper. What it shows is among Dan's tips for tapping into the talent at Fiverr to sell on eBay. Yet if you look very closely you'll observe there's a little bit of a problem with it.

The red highlight reveals that only 2 have actually been marketed. An incredible two! I'm truly not encouraged that individuals will certainly most likely to to purchase a drawing of themselves.

My point in all this is simply to claim-- Yes, it is feasible to purchase something like drawings on Fiverr and also market them eBay for an earnings, nonetheless, it's not most likely.

No Assistance.

To top it all off, I didn't see any way to find help if I required it. There was no assistance email address, no area-- like Facebook group or forum-- and nowhere to also leave a comment. This is usually the case with ebooks, however VidViper has a download where these points can have been added. That's what a lot of item developers do. It's not the best kind of support generally, however at the very least it's something. This doesn't shock me of course, however I do think it's unfavorable when an item designer can't use any kind of aid to his/her purchasers.