Unicorn Smasher is a web-based tool

Guide your own Amazon business utilizing exclusive data provided by Unicorn Smasher

On a daily basis it assesses millions of products in the Amazon marketplace and aggregates earnings data in easy-to-understand charts and panels. It's going to save your time on the market analysis and assist you in finding products you can easily sell.

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4 Powerful Tools Inside 1 Member Region.

Number1 Product Database

Sort, filter and research on successful earnings, capture amazing opportunities, and identify the ideal niche for starting your business.
Amazon Product Database

Perform realtime key word drag and scan data from Amazon. No dependence on external browser extensions or tools -- Unicorn Smasher software independently can perform all of the work with you.
Live Amazon Scanner
#3 Saved Searches

No further fuss with amounts. With Unicorn Smasher, they're typical pre-calculated, professionally organized and ready for the analysis. Instantly compare different groups of products based on key words, amount of earnings and other important metrics.
Saved Searches
Number4 Product Tracker

Can't locate the product you're looking for in our database? It's possible to request its daily life. Only add it into Product Tracker and in twenty four hours Uni-Corn Smasher will begin collecting the data that is relevant. Use this application to access, track and organize your favourite products in smaller groups for maximum efficiency.
Product Tracker

Get deep insights from countless of
Amazon products scanned daily.

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Advanced Filters

Use customizable filters to perform your own and unique Amazon product search together with our database.
Amazon FBA tool
Unicorn Smasher software
Over Millions of Daily-updated Products

Analyse your results using our easy-to-use dash board which displays powerful product insights for a smarter and faster conclusion.
Historical Changes in Statistics

Track every switch on Amazon at bestseller rankings, sales, prices plus a lot more on a daily basis for approximately 90 days.

Research amazon
fba seller tool
Category and Keyword Rankings

Look up fluctuations of product rankings for a variety of categories and key words of your choice without even departing Uni-Corn Smasher.
Organize and Compare Data

Unicorn Smasher calculates the minimum, maximum and average metrics for bestseller rankings, prices, reviews, earnings and sales. By applying those amounts to different key phrases, it is possible to easily spot excellent product opportunities.

What Makes Us Different
Millions of Products Scanned Daily Countless Products Scanned Daily

Unicorn Smasher's product database from Amazon marketplace is stuffed with millions of pre-scanned products with day-to-day history of fluctuations in many earnings, price, reviews, keywords and more -- all updated on a daily basis. Add a brand new product and Uni-Corn Smasher will begin collecting its data within only twenty four hours.
Fast and Intuitive Fast and Intuitive User Experience

In addition to providing top-quality data, our software is focused on seamless and efficient consumer experience. A fast and powerful all-purpose tool, Uni-Corn Smasher will save you hours of research, so giving you key information for your business in no time.
Accurate Sales Accurate Maximum Revenue Data


For over three years, Uni-Corn Smasher has been developing a unique algorithm used to calculate estimated earnings for products available on Amazon market place. And it's just getting better every day.

Pre-scanned products inside the database have upto 90 days of report detailing product fluctuations. This feature can give you a better insight and help you distinguish between short-term tendencies and products together with stable, long-term sales.

With Uni-Corn Smasher, you can quickly identify key words which rank products in Amazon's organic search results. Adding more keywords for daily tracking is made even simpler in the product details page.
Together with Customers We Work Along with Customers

All features in Uni-Corn Smasher are built with user feedback in mind. From newbies looking to launch their initial product to ecommerce firm pros, we consistently make an effort to meet our customers' needs.

Uni-Corn Smasher business model is based on software as a service. We do not sell on Amazon. Our benefit has been generated through helping our clients grow their e commerce enterprise. We won't work with your information or share it with any other third parties.

Our objective is to give chances for everybody interested in starting web business and achieving financial freedom far from the 9-to-5 grind. This is the reason our Uni-Corn Smasher free program is the ideal choice for budding entrepreneurs, while the Standard and Plus packages are priced well below the industry norm for this type of service.
Whichever plan you opt for your organization, we're confident that you'll Unicorn Smasher