Who Is The Creator Of Lifetime.Chat

Who Is The Creator Of Lifetime.Chat?

Richard Madison is your Creator of all Lifetime.Chat
He's a well known name in the field of internet marketing that has established many successful internet advertising products and software such as Lifetime Studio FX, Lifetime Stock Video, Lifetime.Hosting and many more successful electronic product slides.

Are You Tired of Paying $15 - $60 per Agent per Month? Countless customers think it's the only way to get Livechat
Are you currently one of the endless flow of customers that has paid between $15 and $60 per representative per month for livechat? Don't be ashamed - for the longest period, it had been to receive livechat in your own website. Maybe not so anymore.
Live Chat providers charge expensive recurring fees because they could. Customers gladly pay crazy per representative per month prices because it's worth it. All these massive providers wouldn't charge far if it was not working.
They keep growing. Customers keep linking. Just because a company may cost-justify expensive per chat, per broker penalties because of the product value and ROI, it does not mean that you want to pay for them.
Could not it's nice to learn that when you combine Lifetime.Chat, the renewal will be $0.00... Forever? Each and every month you'll save on your own livechat fees. That's fully guaranteed money in the bank every month.
And That Is why Lifetime.Chat Was Born


Live Chat Works:

■ For 44 percent of customers, the most important reason that they complete an online transaction is because a live person was available to answer their own queries.
■ 63% of customers said they were more likely to go back to some website that offers live chat in comparison to one which really doesn't.
■ Studies show that almost 77 percent of customers won't create a purchase if there is no live support available on an internet website.
■ 92% of customers feel satisfied once they use live chat for answers.
■ 42 percent of customers want live discussion because they do not have to wait on hold.
■ 21 percent of customer prefer live chat so that they could shop while they function. Do You Really Need Live Chat?
■ If you are still unsure that Live Chat is your best business tool to improve revenue, conversions and customer satisfaction, continue reading...

What Is Lifetime.Chat

It's LITERALLY the survive Live Chat service you can cover. Our customers stopped paying 15 - $60 per representative per month instead pay us to live-chat for 6 sites.

[+] All You Want:
■ Although Lifetime Chat is not too expensive as these additional chat businesses, it does not mean you do not get exactly the same features. All account include agent transfer, visitor tracking, visitor location, canned messages, emoji and much more.
■ Everything you would expect in a live chat service and much more. Except for the price.
[+] Your Business Information:
■ Lifetime Chat has testimonials to help you run your own business and find out where customers want your team to improve.
■ From the minute a visitor lands on your web site, you've got access to some location, visitor paths, chat history and more.
■ And having a fantastic 90-day discussion history, you are able to go back and see what queries, roadblocks and hurdles every customer experienced to ensure they don't have any issues that this time and in the long term.
[+] Convenient Connectivity:
■ Lifetime Chat comes with an elegent web app with great attention to detail, and leading to among their most pleasant experience for you and your agents.
■ In addition, we also offer a native MacOS app along with a native Windows program.
■ And for mobile we have a complete featured Android program with notifications and we all expect to release our iOS program in the next 30-days.
[+] Lightweight Virtualized Cages:
■ Every account on our stage is provisioned in their own environment with
Partitioned server memory, connections and CPU as well as individual
Databases such as security.
■ Our platform infrastructure will not place 10,000+ Live Chat customer accounts in
The same database just like our competition does. This really is difficult and
Expensive for people, however, it's more secure for you personally and also provide stronger security